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Project Description

Wedge Wire Lateral Assemblies Description

Wedge wire screen is widely used in the under draining applications with the features of effective filtering and screening performance. Wedge wire lateral assemblies are a typical screen type used in the under draining.

Wedge wire lateral assemblies, also called header lateral assemblies, are assemblies of horizontal herring bone style wedge wire screen laterals and vertical secured round hub. The screen lateral has inherent even pattern, which is made of stainless steel, hastelloy alloy steel and other alloy steels. The screen lateral has various slot size, wire size and diameters to suit common or customized applications.

The wedge wire screen lateral has two type: threaded ending wedge wire screen lateral and flange ending wedge wire screen lateral. Threaded ending wedge wire screen laterals are composed of a solid cap on one end and a threaded pipe connection on the other end. The flange ending wedge wire screen lateral is composed of solid cap on one end and a flange. The different design makes it possible to suit different applications and machines.

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Hub radial laterals

There are another type of lateral assemblies, which are named as hub radial lateral. It is composed of several screen laterals and a central hub. The hub radial lateral assemblies has two main ending types: threaded ending types and flange ending types.

Wedge Wire Lateral Assemblies Material

  • Low Carbon Steel Wire
  • High-Manganese Steel Wire
  • Stainless Steel Wire 304,304L, 316, 316L
  • 2205 austenitic stainless steel
  • Hastelloy

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Wedge Wire Lateral Assemblies Type

1. Threaded ending lateral                   2. Flange ending lateral

Wedge Wire Lateral Assemblies Advantage

  • Uniform slot, no leakage of resin or material

  • High opening area, high flow area which can meet large flow requirement

  • Large liquid distribution area and uniform distribution

  • Diversified structure which can meet the requirements of the container

  • High pressure tolerance of branch pipe

  • High quality material ensures the longer life

Wedge Wire Lateral Assemblies Application

Wedge wire lateral assemblies is widely used in under draining applications for filtering and screening, additional, it is widely used in various machines for screening.

  • Cation exchanger.
  • Mixed bed exchanger.
  • Ion exchanger.
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Usually 7-15 days after prepayment is confirmed.

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