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Project Description

Automatic Backwash Filter Description

Automatic Backwash Filter provides fully automatic backwashing cleaning operations, and it can continuously separate impurities from water and other liquids. The maintenance and operation of filter is very simple, even in the severe operating conditions it also can continue to keep running in a good condition.

Automatic Backwash Filter

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XF – F series filter can be equipped with different amount of elements to provide maximum filtering area in each filter housing. This makes the filter to have smallest pressure loss when working.
The pressure design of filter body is usually based on the chemical pipeline filter and steel pressure vessel design standards. The filter also can adapt to the special requirements of other design criteria. Filter main body has the materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and duplex phase steel and etc. At the same time, we also can provide special materials such as titanium, pure nickel and etc.

Working Principle of Filter Element

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Automatic Backwash Filter Working Principle

The water which needs to be filtered flows into the shell through the lower bottom of the filter and enters the lumen of the filter element through the rotary table from bottom to top and be drained out through the filter element. The filtered clean water flows out from the upper outlet of the filter. Solid impurities are trapped in the inner side of the filter element. No need of cutting off the water flow when the filter is on backwashing process. Motor drives filter wheel rotating and at the same time the drain valve was opened. Each filter element will be backwashed by the filtered clean water in turns.
The pressure difference between the water pressure in filter and the atmospheric pressure can make filtration liquid flows reversely so that the intercept impurity on inner face of the filter element can be removed. After the wheel rotates a round, backwashing process is over. Then backwashing valve closed and drive motor stops.


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Where is your factory?2019-08-05T19:24:22+08:00

Sichuan, Shang Dong, Shang Hai

Do you have a certification?2018-10-19T09:12:25+08:00

Yes. we have ISO/CE/BV/SGS/TUV certificate and certificate of patent.

 How about the delivery time?2019-02-27T10:23:10+08:00

Usually 7-15 days after prepayment is confirmed.

Do you have a design team?2018-10-19T09:13:23+08:00

Yes,we have.Providing outline drawing,electric drawing and others.

Can you send me a sample?2018-10-19T09:13:54+08:00

Yes.1-3 days for delivery.

What is your payment?2018-10-19T09:14:42+08:00

T/T,T/C,Western Union,Paypal.

Can you provide FORM E or FOEM F?2019-12-12T08:40:32+08:00

yes,we can provide FORM E or FOEM F.

Can you accept OEM?2019-03-08T20:41:07+08:00

Yes.We could do OEM for you.

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